CAS Number: # 2226-96-2

HydroxyTEMPO (CAS #2226-96-2) is a stable free radical nitroxyl useful in inhibiting free radical reactions, as well as a wide variety of other synthetic applications.

  • Color and form @ 25°C: orange crystalline powder
  • Molecular Weight: 172.25
  • Inhibits free radical reactions
  • Oxidizing agent
Purity, GC 98% 93% minimum
Melting Point 71°C
Vapor Pressure 1 mm Hg @ 90°C
10 mm Hg @ 134°C
100 mm Hg @ 197°C

Packaging & Shipping

FOB, Texas, USA. Samples are available from Aldrich Chemical, Catalog #17,614-1. 200 gm packaged in 500cc amber wide mouth glass bottles. One kilo is packaged in 2500cc amberwide mouth glass bottles. Drum quantities are produced as ordered.

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