CAS Number: #108-88-3, 67-64-1, 67-56-1, 64742-89-8, 79-20-9, 67-63-0, 111-76-2

OMNI-10 is a premium solvent used in many industrial applications. It is primarily used as a gun wash/thinner. OMNI-10 act very fast, cleans thoroughly and leaves no residual residues. The quality of OMNI-10 is consistent and out-performs many other competitor blends. This material has been produced for decades with a proven track record within the automotive, furniture restoration, and adhesive industries.

  • Specific Gravity: .86 @ 25 ̊C
  • Boiling Point: 137-140C (279-284F) 
  • Flash Point:  25C (77F)
  • Vapor Pressure:  24 hPa (18 mmHg) at 37.70C (99.86F)
  • Color and Form:  Clear, liquid, colorless

  • Aromatic/Aliphatic solvents: 40-45%
  • Alcohols: 0-15% 
  • Esters:  0-20%
  • Ketones:  20-30%

Packaging & Shipping

FOB, Sumter, Texas, USA.  Available in Bulk and 385 lb. net weight drum quantities and 35 lb. net weight pail quantities.

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