Nova t-Butyl Morpholine 90%™ is a sterically hindered morpholine useful as a corrosion inhibitor and as a neutralizing amine in boilers and refinery overhead systems. Nova produces several other hindered alkanolamines, amines, and nitroxyls. Suggested uses: strong hindered tertiary amine base, neutralizing amine, corrosion inhibitor in boiler treatment and refinery overhead systems.

  • Specific Gravity: .93 @ 20˚C
  • Boiling Point: 178˚C
  • Color and Form: Colorless to light amber clear liquid
Purity, GC 90.0% (based on organics)
Water, Karl Fischer 10 wt% maximum
Other Organics, GC 8 wt%, max

Packaging & Shipping

FOB, Pasadena, Texas, USA. Available in Bulk and 400 lb. net weight drum quantities. Notes:  Nova t-Butyl Morpholine 90%™ is on the US TSCA Inventory but is not on the EINCS list for sale in the European Economic Community. It is not registered in Canada, Japan, or Australia

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