CAS Number: #2564-83-2

Nova TEMPO (CAS #2564-83-2) is a stable free radical nitroxyl useful in inhibiting free radical reactions, as well as a wide variety of other synthetic applications.

Molecular Weight:  156.25 Boiling Point:  200°C, est. @ 760 mm Hg Flash Point:  67°C Vapor Pressure:  100mm Hg @140°C Color and Form:  Dark Orange Red Crystalline Solid

Assay: Tetrahydrofuran (organics – BHT) 99.7% min NOVA 2005
Color, Pt.-Co. 20, max NOVA 1005
Appearance Clear and free from particulate NOVA 1003
Assay: Water 300 ppm, max NOVA 1001
Assay: Peroxide 50 ppm, max NOVA 3014
BHT (Inhibitor) 250 – 400 ppm Calculated

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FOB, Texas, USA. Quantities are shipped in 1 kg bottles. Smaller quantities are available from Sigma-Aldrich.

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